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Training courses & equipment sales

Other Services Available From Outdoor Medical Solutions Ltd

We can arrange a lot more than just your event medical cover!

If you require any more information about any of the services listed please contact us.

We can design first aid training courses to meet you individual needs and our prices are very competitive.

We can provide medical equipment by sourcing the best item at the best price. Make an enquiry and we will come back with a solution.

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Nightclub Medics

Outdoor Medical Solutions are able to provide experienced first aiders and medics to night clubs and music venues.

Our services help to prevent unnecessary 999 calls by filtering injuries and reducing attendance to A and E facilities. They also ensure that clubbers and live music fans receive immediate professional medical assistance.

Having a Night Club Medic on site will not only improve your reputation. It will take the pressure off security teams and in some cases reduce insurance costs. It can also help to promote relations with local authorities, licensing boards and the police.

First Aid Training Courses

We run first aid training courses that will mean you are trained and qualified for emergency first aid and regular first aid work.

With manual handling playing such a central role in occupational safety, OMS provide courses which offer both practical skills and relevant theory. All courses are run by highly experience staff and take place is realistic environments.

Advanced Life Support course is a standardised national course teaching evidence-based resuscitation guidelines and skills to healthcare professionals in the United Kingdom.

Other courses that we offer at OMS include:

  • Practical Skills Annual Update.
  • Hostile Medicine Training.
  • Many Other Bespoke Courses.

Medical Sales

Currently we have several units available:

Heartstart FR2 AED

The Heartstart FR2 is…

  • Small and Light…
    The FR2 weighs in at only 2.1 kg, and measures only 218 x 218 x 66 mm, so it is easy both to transport and store.
  • Easy to use…
    Instant response is critical. Both audible and visual prompts guide the user through the simple steps required.
  • Smart…
    Utilises clinically proven SMART™ Biphasic technology. Combined with SMART™ analysis system, the FR2 provides safe and effective therapy for the individual patient.


  • Long life battery
    Minimum 300 shocks when new. Shelf life before installation and standby life after installation typically 5 years each
  • Backlit display
    Improves the quality of ECG and text prompts in conditions of direct sunlight and darkness
  • Selftest and status indicator
    Monitors readiness and clearly displays whether or not the device is operational
  • Easy and flexible configuration
    Allows extensive configuration possibilities, including treatment protocol in accordance with new ERC or AHA guidelines


All units are second user and will come with 6 month test certificate as a minimum

£550 plus vat (includes a brand new battery, pads and delivery)

Buy 2 or more units and receive free training for up to 10 people anywhere in the UK !!!!!!

If you need to re stock the equipment in your ambulance then you can purchase the items through Outdoor Medical Solutions please call for a quote.

LSU suction units

  • Device diagnostics check all critical system functions
  • Single large knob operates the unit
  • Easy to carry rubberised handle design
  • Quick wrapping system for tubing
  • Battery status indicator
  • Colour and size coded tubing
  • Variable vacuum,w/5 commonly used Oropharyngeal/Tracheal settings
  • High performance, Capable of > 25 lpm at 500+ mmHg setting
  • Full “Rib Cage” design protects canister while suction unit meets stringent splash-proof (IP34D) and bump-proof requirements
  • Extremely quiet when operated at low vacuum levels. This allows the unit to be particularly effective in a hospital environment or any other setting that demands quietness. At 500+ mmHg the db(A) level is 57 or less.
  • One-touch testing to quickly check all functions: occlusion, vacuum build-up efficacy, maximum achievable vacuum level and air leakage.
  • Full range of tracheal and/or oropharyngeal vacuum levels set by a single knob that doubles as a power switch.
  • High night/day visibility LEDs indicate all critical system functions.

£450 plus vat (second user – comes with 6 months test certificate)

Nursing home require a range of medical equipment so that they are prepared for any emergency. Make sure your nursing home is stocked up on essential medical equipment with OMS.

Contact OMS today if you are looking to purchase your own ambulance or 4×4 medical vehicle.

Contact an event manager on 01291 440 299 for a competitive quote today and find out what Outdoor Medical Solutions Ltd’s motorsport medical cover can for you and your event today.